Feeling Blue?

Feeling blue?  Then try these design ideas to brighten up your home.

01-hbx-bright-blue-linen-sofa-0614-lgn 02-hbx-fontana-arte-glass-table-0614-de-large_new

Rich, royal blue furnishings are set against white walls and flooring in this bright living room.  Splashes of yellow and orange add warmth into what could be a chilly scheme.

07-hbx-white-ikea-bed-0614-de-large_new 06-hbx-lepere-table-0614-de-large_new

In this bedroom the predominantly white furniture and furnishings are set in contrast to the vibrant turquoise accessories.

10-hbx-toile-grass-cloth-0614-de-large_new 11-hbx-elitis-paradisio-cristal-0614-de-large_new

The second bedroom and bathroom echo the royal blues used in the living room.  The subtle use of texture also brings warmth into the rooms.

05-hbx-lostine-prep-table-0614-de-large_new 09-hbx-williams-sonoma-monogrammed-towels-0614-de-large_new

The kitchen and bathroom use sharp lines and hard surfaces to portray cleanliness, accented with aqua blues and greens to mirror the use of water in the spaces.

13-hbx-dash-albert-trimaran-rug-0614-lgn 12-hbx-outdoor-saarinen-table-0614-de-large_new

The oversize light and cushioned seating add an informal air to the veranda.  The use of natural wood and varied planting makes this the perfect spot to relax!

Photos of Designer Robert Passal’s art-filled Miami Beach House by House Beautiful.

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